Freight traffic by motor transport volume 5 to 120 м3:

  • international traffic between the CIS countries and Europe;
  • international traffic between Belarus and CIS;
  • intercity traffic within Belarus;
  • combined freights.

Transportation of semitrailers by haulers from the Baltic ports to CIS countries.

Insurance of the carrier’s responsibility and of the transported freight.

About our company

Our company has been involved into forwarding activities since 1996. We do not deal with any other types of activity different from the mentioned. 95% of the company’s shares belongs to the founder and permanent director of the company I.A.Pechinsky.

For the last 17 years we have worked out and adopted “Expeditor” (“Forwarder”) complex net program and “Doroga” (“Road”) program that helped to automate the production process technology. We’ve also accumulated the database about more than 4000 partners – travel market participants.

Basic principles of our work:

  • “The undertaken commitments are to be carried out”
  • “Providing security and safety of the freight”.

Our authority results from quick settling with our partners, if necessary prepayment for their work. It allowed to establish contractual relations with more than 200 carriers, the total number of their vehicles exceeds 1500 items of the rolling stock. We have a number of period contracts with transport service customers. For example for OOO “Harvest”, DFDS Transport (now DSV) we’ve carried out more than 1000 transportations. We were the first among Belarusian forwarders who took part in multimodal traffic – transportation of semitrailers by haulers from the Baltic ports to CIS countries.

Some of our partners:

ОАО «Mogiliovoblautotrans»

РУП «Mazvneshtrans»

ООО «Strojtechmash»

ООО «Ferox»

ООО «Kuboktrans»

ЧТУП «Horizonlogistic»

Social partnership

Man cannot live by bread alone…

Our director is the initiator, the main sponsor and the manager of the restoration works in Lubcha Castle, which is a national historical landmark of Belarus of the 16th century. It’s even more ancient than the wide-known Mir Castle (situated 50 km away from Lubcha) the restoration of which is carried out with the participation of UNESCO.

ООО «ТАТАТ» since 2003 has been providing office room for charitable foundation “Lubcha Castle”. The main aim of the created foundation is the restoration of the historical and cultural value of Belarus – Lubcha Castle.

Volunteers from the whole country got involved into the foundation activities. Leading specialists and scientists in the sphere of restoration are working out the project documents on a charitable basis. The foundation is backed up by the Belarusian Ministry of Culture.

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Tel./fax (Europe): +375 (17) 216-99-77
Tel./fax (CIS): +375 (17) 216-99-78
Fax: +375 (17) 207-65-46
E-mail: info (at)

Address: RB, Minsk
24, Olshevskogo str. room 425

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